Type Knight DD26

Changes from DD25 v1 to DD26 v0 (2019-05-06):

  • Updated some sprites
    • Skeletons
    • Clouds
    • Wave effect
    • Sun
  • Added an option to add an outline to the text above enemies
  • Made the red text for blocking above the player easier to notice
  • Added explanation on how to block in one of the story panels
  • Stopped allowing space or enter as "erase-all" keys
  • Fixed graph not displaying correctly
  • Fixed some depth issues
  • Improved fireworks
  • Fixed shield pick-up animation
  • Fixed bug with enemies' text color
  • Added word completion animation
  • Made the reflections of the skeletons move in the correct direction when the original goes up in the air
  • Fixed puddles sliding on background when scale changes
  • Fixed minor bug with ghost chains

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