Type Knight - Winter update!

Hello! I hope you will enjoy this winter-themed update! From now on, the cemetery will be engulfed in snow every year from December 1st to January 15th. Additionally, there's a small surprise if you start the game on the 24th to 25th December! Here's the patchnotes:

Changelog from (2019-11-03) to 1.1.0 (2019-12-19).

  • Added winter mode
    • Added a cold weather breath effect to the knight
    • Added frozen puddles
    • Added falling snow
    • Added snowy variant of background
    • Added winter-themed sound effects
      • stepping on ice
      • predatory birds
    • Added a small surprise if you play the game on the 24th or 25th
  • Improved the look of mountains

  • Added new "splash" sound effect when stepping on a puddle (you will hear it when winter mode ends)
  • Fixed credits  scrolling back up after clicking something
  • Fixed audio sliders being slightly misaligned
  • Fixed lightning effect not always fading out
  • Fixed the UI inactivity fadeout not always triggering
  • Fixed the crash related to particles at the end of the boss fight (hopefully for good this time)


Type Knight 1.1.0 - Windows 38 MB
Dec 20, 2019
Type Knight 1.1.0 - Linux 38 MB
Dec 20, 2019

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