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I would have liked to make this devlog earlier but as you might expect I've been really, really busy. I'm flattered by all the positive feedback I've received these last 48 hours! Please remember that Type Knight hasn't been made by one person, but by the effort of many. I'd like to mention here Type Knight's composer and SFX master Serpo and the main artist Stingray. Type Knight's look started out by using various creative commons assets like the knight and sorcerer made by Warren Clark and the old background made by Luis Zuno. The original skeletons are from Jesse M. The full credits are available in-game and in the readme. If you're interested to see how the game's look evolved over time, you might want to check this image.

Type Knight's reviews:

Pepp AiraShepple


Here's the changelog since Type Knight's Beta last month (2019-09-26). I've been busy promoting the game so I don't have time to release a first patch yet. However, I'm taking note of your bug reports and I will release bug fixes as soon as I can.

  • Added new sound effects for the chests
  • Adjusted the fade-out length for songs
  • Improved wording and fixed various grammar and spelling errors in both languages
  • Added ability to adjust the strength of the screenshake
    • Slightly lowered the default strength
  • Overhauled the menus to display multiple lines properly at different scales
  • Songs now have a limit to the number of times they repeat
  • Added french version of the read me (lisez-moi.txt)
  • Tweaked timing when new bombs appear in the UI
  • Added a dynamic limit to the maximal whole scale you can set the game. This limit is set according to the resolution of your screen.
  • Fixed the sorcerer's sprite that was cut-off at the top
  • Changed one of the layers of the background (the farthest mountains)
  • Fixed various other smaller bugs


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Oct 25, 2019
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Oct 25, 2019

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Enjoyed it! It would be nice if you could:
1) use space or enter to clear a word instead of delete
2) save your game (or at least highest level reached) so you don't have to start over from the very beginning.

Thanks for the feedback! I disagree with you on saving though, as it's a score-attack game. It's like if you wanted to save when playing tetris or pac-man.