Type Knight Beta!

Type Knight's beta is available!

The game's development is nearing its end and I'm trying to find and fix the few last bugs. If you encounter any, please report them to me! Describe the bugs and how to trigger them as accurately as possible.

A video recording of the game when you're triggering a bug is the most effective way to help me!

Thank you!

Here's the changelog since the last version - DD26 v1  (2019-07-02):

  • Added Linux version !
  • Added more story panels (from 6 to 20)
  • Made writable text much easier to see
    • You can go back to how it looked before in the options menu
  • Tweaked when the different enemies appear
  • Improved main menu zoom effect
  • Overhauled the credits
  • Improved the look of rain splashes

  • Added more background mountains
  • Fixed the reflections on water puddles not being synced with their original object
  • Fixed a bug where some ambient sounds would play regardless of the volume
  • Fixed bug where the points pop-ups could keep flying into the air
  • Fixed bug with the attack sound effect
  • Improved the menus' UI
    • You can change entries with multiple values with left / right
  • You can scale the game up to 8x now
  • Added option to change the knight's text's color (red, green and blue) for players with color blindness
  • Added alternate version of the white damage effect when you receive high damage
  • Added bonus points for certain enemies
  • Improved text parsing in custom game menu
  • Added ability to choose the target framerate of the game from 30 to 240. Default is 60.
  • Countless various bug and crash fixes


Type Knight Beta (windows).zip 30 MB
Sep 26, 2019
Type Knight Beta (linux).zip 30 MB
Sep 26, 2019

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