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Type out the words above the enemies to defeat them!



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  • You can erase the entire line at once by pressing the "DEL" key.
  • You can rebind the the previously mentioned key in the options menu.
  • If you're getting overwhelmed by skeletons, you can use one of your bombs by typing "bomb".
  • Don't wait for the animation to end to type the next word. One attack can target multiple enemies if you're fast enough.
  • If you'd like a targeted practice, you can select which keys you want to disable in the custom game menu. For instance, if only the middle row is selected, only words with "ASDFGHJKL" will appear on a QWERTY keyboard.
  • Your score multiplier and time for calculating words per minute freeze when there aren't any enemies on screen between waves.
  • Le jeu est aussi disponible en français! Changez la langue dans les options.
  • You can change the intensity and direction of the rain with the numpad 2,4,6,8.
  • You can change the intensity of the fog-machine with f1 and f2.
  • You can press numpad 5 to hide the main menu.
  • Stats tracking! Check out your highscores and a graph of your past performances.
  • Import any text from the clipboard! Copy any text with ctrl+c then press the "import from clipboard" button in the custom game menu. The skeletons will feature words from your text.
  • Save and load imported text completely in-game!
  • Edit characters being used via the virtual keyboard in the custom game menu.
    • When editing keys, both the upper case and lower case versions of the characters will be affected. If you'd like to edit one case at a time, unselect the "Whole key" button.
  • Three different patterns of keyboards including American QWERTY, Québec QWERTY and AZERTY are supported for the virtual keyboard. Changing the pattern also changes the hotkeys for conveniently browsing through the menus.
  • Default English dictionary of ~56000 words and default French dictionary of ~23000 words.
  • Easily change languages in the options menu. (English, Français)
Planned features:
  • More languages could be added relatively easily since a good part of the work to enable localization has already been done. If you'd like to see another language and/or keyboard pattern please leave a comment!
  • More polished visuals.
  • Being able to choose between randomized words or in order (like they appear in the imported text).
  • Saving the selected options between play sessions.
  • Being able to choose the word for your power-attack instead of being forced to use "bomb".

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What works? What doesn't? What do you want to see in the game?
Published 75 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDifficult, GameMaker, Pixel Art, typing
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Type Knight DD21.zip 15 MB
Type Knight DD20 (old) 25 MB

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I gave it a play and did a write-up on it!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! It's really heart-warming to see someone took the time to write an article.

What a fun mini-game! Could re-adjust the GUI to 800x 1024 as default screen. Also, looking forward to additional language-support :)

Thanks! Which language would you like to see?

If you could add JP or KR?

I'd love to! I'm not too familiar with Korean, I've heard it has an alphabet-like system? I could do romaji Japanese (or the Korean equivalent) relatively easily. Supporting kanji would be a lot of work. Maybe eventually.

Yes, Korean has a picture-ess like alphabetical system. 

Played this on my channel! I'll have you know that is very difficult to play this and talk at the same time. 

I really enjoyed your video! About the boss: you just have to take it down as fast as possible at the moment but I could add a mechanic to block damage. Sorry for the rude words, the word selection is completely random. This dictionary only has 56k entries. I used to have one with 400k words and it had an even weirder selection!

Thanks for playing!!

Haha, no worries! I remember when there was all the controversy over a DS Scrabble game where the NPCs played "dirty" words. :P

Is it possible to add a HP item into the game too?  Or bonus stages?

Yes, I absolutely want to add an HP item! Bonus stages are a pretty good idea, maybe I'll add them to my "to do" list.

Hey its a fun game! 

I have some feedback though, i think some varieties in skeletons would be great. For example some skeletons that heal you if you kill them, slow the time or a skeleton that damages nearby skeletons when killed. That would open up more strategic options. Or even boss-skeletons whose words you need to type multiple times. 
And also some variety in the spawn of the skeletons, maybe have a little break after you defeated a huge wave because sometimes it felt a bit overwhelming lol. Very nice art style though! Hope it helps

It does help! Thanks for playing!


Type Knight is both entertaining and a good challenge to exercise typing skills. Of course, if you're like me and aren't a fast typist, then it's just hard. Still, it's well made overall and has a lot of potential for what it is. The art style is pretty nice as well.

Good job, dev.

Wow, thank you for the kind words! Watching your video was pure fun for me!

I'll definitely make some changes about the difficulty. The game is a work in progress. Ideally I will have a system that adapts to the player's skill. You weren't the only one finding the game hard!


Being a typing game, I just assumed it was supposed to be difficult, heh. Still, good job on this. It's a good foundation for whatever you do with it next, so good luck on the updates.

If you're taking suggestions, I would recommend enlarging the text that shows when you type and maybe slowing the enemies just slightly. Not a lot, but enough so you aren't getting swarmed after one mistake. Maybe add a mode so they go faster the more you mess up.

I'm taking note of these suggestions! I was already planning to add scaling to the options menu.

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Really good premise, looking forward to seeing it improve over time. Also I suck a lot more at this kind of thing than I thought lol

Actually now that I think of it, it might not be a bad idea to have difficulty options.

(Edited 1 time)

Hey thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated. A lot of people have complained about the difficulty so I'll definitely change that.