Type Knight version

Hello! Here's the first patch for Type Knight.

If you experience any bugs or crashes or see obscene words, please report them to me! Video footage of the game when you're triggering a bug/crash is especially useful if you want it to get fixed quickly.

Changelog from (2019-10-25) to (2019-11-03).

  • Added new sound effects to the player text
    • Sound cue when the word appears above the knight
    • Ticking sound with each character typed by the enemy
  • Updated the dictionaries to remove obscene and undesirable words
  • Added a fail-safe that should prevent the post-boss particle crash (if it still happens let me know)
  • Fixed the ghost soft-lock
  • Prevented the enemies to have a word that contain your power-attack word and vice-versa
    • Added an error message in case you would try to pick a word that would leave none for the enemies to use (practically impossible unless you're trying to break the game on purpose in a custom game)
  • Updated credits
  • Updated readme
  • Removed proper nouns from french dictionary

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