Type Knight DD26 update

Sorry for taking so long! Here's a bunch of fixes.

Changelog from DD26 v0 (2019-05-06) to DD26 v1 (2019-07-02)

  • Fixed crash in statistics
  • Panels:
    • Fixed red text
    • Fixed same panel appearing over and over
    • Fixed text height
    • Fixed centering when choosing power attack word
    • Prevented the panel where you choose your power attack word to appear more than once per game
  • Fixed bug where a previous word would reappear after pause is enabled
  • Fixed being able to use the power attack when you're not supposed to
  • Made the HUD visible again


Type Knight DD26 v1 29 MB
Jul 02, 2019

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That's awesome! Any updates on when there would be a Mac version?

I'll try to do it before the end of august, when the game will be complete.

Awesome! Thanks!