Type Knight Demo #4

The 4th demo of Type Knight has arrived! Here's the changelog :

  • New enemy : ghosts. They're invincible until you parry their attacks!

  • Difficulty levels were added.
    • "Spelling Squire" (easy)
    • "Calligraphy Cavalier" (normal)
    • "Palindrome Paladin" (hard)
  • New ambient and other various types of sound effects were added.
  • You character starts-off without a shield.
  • Chests. They appear between waves and offer a reward. Although you have to type a word to open them, it doesn't count towards your score and combo meter stays frozen. Here's the different types:
    • Health potion
    • Shield
    • Treasure (free points!)
    • Mana tablets

  • New statistic : Character accuracy. Track this new stat in the gameover screen or through the graph.
  • Reworked gameover screen.
    • Convenient buttons were added.
    • Fireworks will appear if you've beaten your previous high-score.
    • More stats are displayed.

  • Updated the background.
    • Small bats will appear as a warning before their wave starts.
    • Added one more layer of trees.
    • Moon has a bloom effect.
  • Updated the story panels.
  • Updated the main gameplay HUD.
    • The number of points you gained by defeating an enemy will appear.
    • Your highscore is displayed in the upper-right on top of your actual score.
    • Your score will count up in a smooth fashion.
  • Updated the blocking mechanic to be more intuitive. You'll have to stay in the same stance to be able to block the damage. You lose your stance by attacking.
  • Enemies will keep attacking the knight's corpse in the gameover screen.
  • The outline of the clouds will now light up based on their proximity to the closest light source (sun or moon).
  • Menus will fade-out if the player is inactive for over 20 seconds. It lets you relax and appreciate the background!
  • The cursor will hide if the mouse isn't being used.
  • The virtual keyboard is now editable with your real keyboard!
  • Updated the custom game menu to add in missing controls and sound effects.
  • Added the option to choose to run the game at either 60 or 240Hz.
  • Fixed various bugs and crashes.


Type Knight DD25 v1 (old) 29 MB
Mar 03, 2019

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