Type Knight Demo #3

A 3rd demo for type knight is available! it features a new enemy, more polished visuals and new music!

Incomplete changelog:

  • New color palette
  • New enemy type : bats
    • They're fast but do low damage and are easy to defeat
  • New music
  • New sound effects
  • Added animated sunset
  • Added dynamic weather
    • Wind will affect the mist and rain
    • Rain will change intensity from a light shower to a heavy storm
    • Puddles will show up only after or during rain
    • Thunder may appear if a storm gets really intense
    • Mist will appear after and during a light rain but heavy wind will remove it
  • New blood particles
  • Updated boss fight
    • You can now defend yourself by typing the word above you
    • Tweaked sprite
    • New boss attack particles
  • Added new "script flow" game mode in the custom game menu
    • This mode only has skeletons, no bats or bosses
    • There aren't any waves, the skeletons never stop!
    • The words will appear in the same order as in the text you selected
  • Added ability to choose the name of your power-attack
  • Added story-boards between waves
  • Added an autosave feature for the options menu so your settings stay the same after relaunching the game
  • Updated background sprites
  • Polished the UI
  • Improved the look of the intro screen
  • Improved the saving and loading custom text screens
  • Added story boards every few waves
    • Work in progress : The text is a place-holder


Type Knight DD22 v0 117 MB
Sep 09, 2018

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