WPM stat is broken?

To the 5 people that will read this:

I got a lot of feedback from the last demo about the WPM stat being broken. It actually was for the very first version of the demo. I quickly fixed it in the first patch. (Only 10% of the DD21 demo players have seen this version.)

However even well after the patch I was still getting reports about WPM being lower than it should be. I've made some tests this evening and played the game using a stopwatch. I found out that the timings and word-counts used for calculating WPM are completely accurate. Here's a few hypotheses why I think the "lower-than-normal WPM" phenomena occurs :

  1. The ratio of characters per word is higher than in normal sentences.
    1. As the difficulty increases, the words get longer. You don't have any filler words like "the", "of", "I" appearing over the enemies' heads.
  2. You can't see many words ahead of what you're typing, especially if you're fast.
  3. When enemies spawn, their words are partially off-screen. This will be fixed.

Non-issues :

  1. The timer for calculating the WPM doesn't go up when there aren't any enemies on screen between waves. The boss being invisible during its introduction is taken into account.

If you want to have more balanced text to measure your WPM, you can go in the "custom game" menu and import any block of text you'd like. I want to have a few sample texts available in the full version as well as being able to choose between randomizing the order the words will show up or to have them appear exactly as in the text. I may do a separate mode with normal text so the stat-tracking doesn't get mixed with the regular mode.

It's possible that there's still a bug involving WPM but if there is, it's minor or shouldn't be appearing often. I'm pretty sure most of the feedback about low-WPM is caused by the 3 issues I've listed (unless you're one of the 24 that downloaded the pre-fixed version). Let's hope that I don't introduce any new bugs involving WPM as I'm trying to wrap-up this project.

Thank you!

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