New music and fixes

There were still some annoying bugs and crashes in the latest demo that needed to be fixed so here's a new patch. This iteration of the DD21 demo should be the last unless something major comes up. The next version of Type Knight will probably be the full game unless it gets delayed, in that case it's going to be another demo.

Changelog :

  • New music for the boss
  • Redesigned options menu
  • Added audio sliders
  • You can now navigate the pause menu with the keyboard
  • Fixed the pause background if the game was at another scale than 2x
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if switching languages
  • You can now use CTRL + backspace to delete the entire typing string
  • You can press space if a skeleton shows up with two words (happened with the french dictionary)
  • Some offensive words have been removed from the english dictionary


Type Knight DD21 15 MB
Jul 14, 2018

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