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man i had this for free and now my itch app bugged and i lost the game  :/

It'd be great to have a toggle for blood effects for my kids to play.  I did use a tool to disable the blood myself, but it also affected the fireworks (blood fireworks, ha ha!).

Thanks for the feedback! I'll consider adding the option.

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WOW I wish I had played this when I learning how to type as a kid! This is amazing!

Thank you! ❤️

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Hi there, this game looks really interesting and I would love to play it, but I am having some issues. I am on Fedora Linux 31 and the dependencies, and are not found.

Anyone else run into this? Would really love to try this game out :)

EDIT: For anyone having issues with this game on Fedora, I was able to get the game running by doing the following:

You will need the following packages:
* openssl and openssl-devel
* libcurl

You can also install the recommended dependency of xclip, but I don't think it is required.

Once these are installed, you should now only need to link the dependencies to the names that Type Knight is looking for.

WARNING: Linking these libraries may have unintended side-effects. If you notice a particular software or system component not working AFTER linking these libraries, please unlink them and try whatever you were doing again.

ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

Now run the command ldd ./typeknight inside your installation folder and you should get back all the dependencies required and they should all have set paths.

If some of these paths are not set, please make sure that the commands above were entered in correctly. If you are sure the commands were correct, you may be missing some kind of package or library, in which case the below commands may help you:

whereis <library>

dnf search <somepkg>

dnf provides /path/to/

Do you have libcurl4 and libopenal1?

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Hi there! Looking forward to playing your game :)

I have libcurl (not libcurl4) installed, but searching for libcurl4 does not return anything. I also tried looking for libopenal1 and doing the `whatprovides` command for it as well - nothing. :(

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The packages are required by the engine for the game to run on linux. I've done a quick google search and they seem to be available for redhat (so it should work on fedora, right?)

I'd also like to mention I've only tested the linux version on Ubuntu 18.04 as that's the only "officially" supported distribution by gamemaker. I did mention Ubuntu in the minimum requirements on steam page but forgot to do it here too. Sorry about that.

If I were you I'd try to get those two packages installed but if you can't do it, it seems itch allows refunds if you email their support.

If you do get the game working, please let me know what fixed your problem as it could help other fedora users. 

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Hey there,

I tried getting this game working again, and I was successful! I will edit my first post with the answer. :)

EDIT: Done, hopefully that will help anyone who plays on Fedora.

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Very nice! May I add your solution to the readme? I'll give you credit.

Feels like a nice little homage to old typing games like The typing of the dead. This is cute and fun!

Thank you!

Is it only one neverending level? The trailer shows the same background as the screenshots... I really want to buy and play this game. Please let me know and thank you, looks awesome

Yes, it's a score-attack game.

Would it be possible to add a stitched up background that changes as you progress in a never-ending cycle like for example from the default to like going inside a castle, then the forest, then maybe the desert, a town and then back around to default and continuing? I love eye candy but I do also LOVE classic console graphics. Just wondering in case you are done with the game. Thanks in advance and great job ♥️

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I too would have liked to have more backgrounds. However, the scope of the game was limited due to having no budget.

My plan is to use the experience learned in this project to start something bigger, with at least moderate funding. I hope you will look forward to that.

However, I'm not done with Type Knight. I will keep fixing bugs and other issues. There's a possibility of more content but I don't want to promise anything.

if possible that would be so darn amazing!! And yes I understand and such a great start. I know I wouldn't be near capable of the work you have done and I am aware of how difficult it is to make a game so thanks for replying and working on this ☺️

Absolutely fantastic little game

Thank you!

I'd buy this if there were a Mac version. It looks fun!


Hello maniraptor,

I wanted to do a Mac version but ran into some issues. See this post for a more detailed explanation.


Fun idea man!




Fun idea Good! you BlueJ


Absloutley Loved playing it, had a lot of fun. Thank you <3 <3  

Thanks for playing!

Great game! 

Please, make impossible to skip player death animation part (gameover) instantly, maybe after some seconds. I pressed spacebar and instantly went to main menu, though highscore saved.

Thank you!

what a nostalgic game, reminds me of typing games I used to play as a kid,  but it's fun. A few bugs here and there but its and awesome game.

Thank you for the kind words!

If you want to, describing the bugs and how to trigger them would help me out.

when whole scale factor is turned to x3 and game is played once on the main menu there are random numbers overlapping each other on top.

Player is if he doesn't open a chest (maybe it's a feature so that no one can miss a chest) but sometimes the dead skeletons make it impossible to see what are you supposed to type, maybe change the color of text above chest, to a darker shade maybe.

Btw, why no fullscreen mode? It would be nice.

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The random numbers are the points pop-ups right? I can't recreate the issue but it might be fixed in the current version. I'll keep an eye for that.

I've improved text readability in the newer version too. All writable text has a black backdrop by default now.

About the fullscreen mode: it's not going to happen because of the form factor of the background assets. They're not 16:9. You would have black bars all around. Changing the layout to make it 16:9 would be too much of a headache at this point.

Hello everyone! I enjoyed playing this game and I hope more updates or more features will come out! Usually I'm quite bored playing these types of games, but this ones hit the right spot! I started on easy mode, but I sweated a lot. Keep it up dev, this is awesome. Enjoy the gameplay! 


Thank you! There should be a new version up fairly soon featuring updated art.


This game was a lot of fun and so unique! I will definitely be playing more of this in my spare time!

Thank you! Glad to hear it.


This is such a fun little game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Thanks for playing!

This is such a cool game, I love it! Do you have a ko-fi I can donate to?

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I really appreciate the sentiment, this is the first time someone offers me money for something I've made (not forgetting the help of others of course). I went through the process of creating a paypal and a ko-fi page but I changed my mind because unfortunately most of your donation would probably have been lost in fees and taxes.

Instead if you want to support me, please follow the twitter, get the game on launch and spread the word around! Thank you!

Really good game, but the red text is too hard to read. Some characters like Os and Cs look almost the same against the background and make it hard to see what the word is. Additionally, the skeletons bodies will sometimes obscure the white text above the living ones, but this isn't very common and is fixed once they start moving.

Thank you for the feedback, I'm aware of these issues and I'm working on fixing them.

I really loved this game! im wondering what other mechs will you add in the game in the future? because playing a spell caster character would be cool or maybe a cleric!

Thanks for playing! Expect to see a new boss and more polishing of the existing art and gameplay.

Sweet! let me know once you do! and ill play again!


I've been having a great time playing this game even thought, sometime is was kinda hard to see the text, but love the idea and it really helps you type faster! 

Have you considered participating in our Game developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details: 


I lost myself in this game. Probably put about 2-3 hours into it and want to play more. This is my longest run on Palindrome Paladin. What a great game. LOVE IT!

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Thanks for playing !

There's only 6 unique story panels by the way. It loops back after the last one. The game is a work in progress!

There's a cooldown bar for the multiplier just under it. If the bar empties your multiplier goes back to 1. You probably got the crazy score by doing a really long combo!


Awesome. Thanks for the response! I'll be keeping this installed and playing on and off. It's so much fun and has that perfect "ONE MORE RUN" aspect to it!

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I'm enjoying it! Only just started playing it, but already having a lot of fun. Love the high rate of replayability and the simplicity. I have itemized my complaints: 

  • In the hard mode, the words will overlap on top of other words or on skeletons, making them almost impossible to read. There only have to be four or five on screen before this happens.
  • Words will overlap on top of fallen skeletons' bodies and it makes the words very hard to read.
  • The red text being difficult to read issue
  • It took me a while to understand how parrying works, making that clearer would help
  • I don't love the timing with the parrying, since it means sacrificing time that could be used attacking. I understand that being able to parry *and* attack at the same time would make it too easy, but maybe close the gap a little bit? What I would do is have the load time to the attack be at the speed that you have it at, but once the user has typed in the entire word and has successfully parried, the enemy's attack can load faster, maybe at 1.5 speed of what it was before the word was completed, so that the gap between parry and next attack is shorter.
  • I got a fatal error when trying to load the hard mode one time, screenshot attached.
  • Bats' words in hard mode are very difficult to read. Not sure if it's because of their movement speed or if the text is too shaky.
  • When skeletons pile up and are attacking you, typing and finishing their words doesn't clear them (this happened to me in hard mode)

I completed a survey too. Thanks for making a great game, I'm looking forward to future updates!

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the feedback.

I never see any type game can make likes this which widen my horizontal. Very like your art style reminds me of many classical games when childhood. Very like your game and download it try to play these days.

Awesome game but can there be some accessibility options? I couldn't read the red text on the background. 

Many people have been reporting the same issue. I'm going to do something about it before release.

My final score was 209,538! Cool game, wish the red text was easier to read though. 

Nice! I plan of fixing the red text to make it easier to read.

Very fun except that messing up words is very infuriating

since there is no "clear" option for inputs, forcing the player to mash backspace while they get ganged up on

There's a dedicated key (DEL by default) which you can rebind in the options menu and CTRL + backspace also works.

I am trying to download and play the game but I am very new to this concept and would like to practice typing in this fun way. Could anyone help with how to get this? Thank you.

I suggest you play in the easiest difficulty (Spelling Squire). If you want something even easier, you can go in the custom game menu and disable the top and bottom row of the keyboard like in this picture.

I am sorry if my question was not discernable, I don't know how to download the game. Thank you for the advice once I can run it though. 


Click the purple download button, unzip the downloaded file, and double click on typeknight.exe

Fun! The red text is often hard to see, though. Also, the white text can be hard to see over some surfaces like the puddles.


Thanks for the feedback!

Here's a short gameplay vid I made with some criticsm if you want :) 

Thank you for the video! It's really appreciated!

OOF. How am I supposed to live the boss encounters without getting hit? I'm basically ead after the second one.

Score: 52829.
WPM: 59

You're pretty good if you managed to make it this far without knowing how to parry! You have to type the word in red above the knight when it appears. I'm going to find a way to make this clearer in the future.

FYI: The merlin lines are in french even though I'm playing the english version.

Merlin lines were a placeholder from the last demo several months ago. Are you playing the DD25 version?

*sigh* I realised, I wasn't. I was playing the version that was accessible by just clicking on "Install" on the launcher. There wasn't even parry or anything in that version. The gameplay vid I made is out of date bc of that, too :P gonna make another one today.

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Sorry about that, it's my fault. I realized I forgot to check the windows tickbox after uploading a new build a few days ago. It prevents the game from being downloaded in the itch launcher when you don't.

Just wanted to ask: is QWERTZ as a keyboard layout supported?

Not yet but it shouldn't prevent you to play. The different layouts are just for navigating through the menus and the on-screen keyboard for disabling keys in the custom game menu.

Fun Fact: it's somehow supported. It works without problems.

mini game! yeay!

Thanks for taking the time to make a video :)

Hey mate I really love the game and it helps me a lot with typing and stuff but I wanted to ask if you could maybe add Hebrew? it'd be really nice if you do.

Thank you! I'd like to translate the game into as many languages as possible, including Hebrew.

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Hello, I recently bought your game after seeing that it could be customized. However, the game does not handle Cyrillic fonts, like Ukrainian or Russian.  I bought it hoping I could import my own text, but with xclip installed I cannot import Cyrillic text. It also doesn't show up at all when my keyboard is in Russian mode. I think this may be due to the fact that the fonts you used, "Pixel Operator" and "Moderne 3D Schwabacher" only support English and French characters. Please add support for the entire unicode set. There are free fonts that offer the entire unicode set, but they will not look stylish like your game. I don't mind, the game is great already. Please just add a font with better support for all languages.

I don't mind if the interface is in English, I just want to be able to import my own custom data in other languages.

Thank you!

Actually... I see the fonts are exposed, I will try to replace them and see what happens :)

Addendum: After some experimenting, it appears that I can replace the fonts with "noto" font and the monsters will display Cyrillic characters above them, however, I still cannot type anything. I think the game needs to be reprogrammed to respond to all possible keys.

I'm aware of all of this. Long story short supporting other languages is harder than I thought. I found one pixel art font that I liked and had all the characters I wanted (Cyrillic, kanjis, etc.) but I couldn't get it to work. Maybe I will support Cyrillic languages if I make Type Knight 2. You should request a refund if you're unhappy with the game.

Okay, I understand. Thank you for your very quick feedback! I hope you make Type Knight 2.

Have a great day!


Is it possible to release for Mac?

Very possible. I'll look into it before launch along with a linux version.


Any news on a linux/mac version?

I plan on doing a linux and mac version just before releasing the game. There's still a lot of work to be done before it's ready.

I gave it a play and did a write-up on it!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! It's really heart-warming to see someone took the time to write an article.

What a fun mini-game! Could re-adjust the GUI to 800x 1024 as default screen. Also, looking forward to additional language-support :)

Thanks! Which language would you like to see?

If you could add JP or KR?

I'd love to! I'm not too familiar with Korean, I've heard it has an alphabet-like system? I could do romaji Japanese (or the Korean equivalent) relatively easily. Supporting kanji would be a lot of work. Maybe eventually.

Yes, Korean has a picture-ess like alphabetical system. 

Played this on my channel! I'll have you know that is very difficult to play this and talk at the same time. 

I really enjoyed your video! About the boss: you just have to take it down as fast as possible at the moment but I could add a mechanic to block damage. Sorry for the rude words, the word selection is completely random. This dictionary only has 56k entries. I used to have one with 400k words and it had an even weirder selection!

Thanks for playing!!

Haha, no worries! I remember when there was all the controversy over a DS Scrabble game where the NPCs played "dirty" words. :P

Is it possible to add a HP item into the game too?  Or bonus stages?

Yes, I absolutely want to add an HP item! Bonus stages are a pretty good idea, maybe I'll add them to my "to do" list.

Hey its a fun game! 

I have some feedback though, i think some varieties in skeletons would be great. For example some skeletons that heal you if you kill them, slow the time or a skeleton that damages nearby skeletons when killed. That would open up more strategic options. Or even boss-skeletons whose words you need to type multiple times. 
And also some variety in the spawn of the skeletons, maybe have a little break after you defeated a huge wave because sometimes it felt a bit overwhelming lol. Very nice art style though! Hope it helps

It does help! Thanks for playing!


Type Knight is both entertaining and a good challenge to exercise typing skills. Of course, if you're like me and aren't a fast typist, then it's just hard. Still, it's well made overall and has a lot of potential for what it is. The art style is pretty nice as well.

Good job, dev.

Wow, thank you for the kind words! Watching your video was pure fun for me!

I'll definitely make some changes about the difficulty. The game is a work in progress. Ideally I will have a system that adapts to the player's skill. You weren't the only one finding the game hard!


Being a typing game, I just assumed it was supposed to be difficult, heh. Still, good job on this. It's a good foundation for whatever you do with it next, so good luck on the updates.

If you're taking suggestions, I would recommend enlarging the text that shows when you type and maybe slowing the enemies just slightly. Not a lot, but enough so you aren't getting swarmed after one mistake. Maybe add a mode so they go faster the more you mess up.

I'm taking note of these suggestions! I was already planning to add scaling to the options menu.

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Really good premise, looking forward to seeing it improve over time. Also I suck a lot more at this kind of thing than I thought lol

Actually now that I think of it, it might not be a bad idea to have difficulty options.

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Hey thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated. A lot of people have complained about the difficulty so I'll definitely change that.

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