A downloadable game for Windows

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Explore the ship and try out the different gameplay mechanics!


Unlock / lock mouse  = hold escape


Up = W
Down = S
Left = A
Right = D
Dash   = shift + movement key


See further = left ctrl + mouse
Peek around corner (NEW!) = tab + last movement direction


Aim  = mouse
Fire = left mouse button
Detonate c4  = right mouse button (c4 must be equipped)
Reload = R


Bring up inventory = T
Drop down menu (NEW!) = right mouse button (inside inventory)
Select item = 1 to 7
Next item = mouse wheel up
Previous item = mouse wheel down


Use = E
Respawn = F
Godmode = Q
Hide FPS = B
Secret = [???]


  • Added a peeking mechanic
  • Much better performance
  • Added corpses
  • Added alarms
  • Added computers (2 kinds)
  • Added cameras
  • Improved inventory
  • Added health packs (right-click to use inside inventory)
  • Added hacking mini-game
  • Added datajacks (special item to bypass hacking)

More information

Published 81 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsSandbox, Space, Top-Down, zero-gravity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Double-click the .exe and remember to give me feedback afterwards!


Spaceship Crew Self-Defense Simulator DD16.zip (1 MB)
Spaceship Crew Self-Defense Simulator DD15.zip (2 MB)


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You have all these great features/items that lean on the stealth side of things and you don't think to implement any kind of melee takedown/choke maneuver? What is the point of running cameras and whatnot if the only action you can take against them is 'loud'? AI reaction to things is instant and there's no slight prediction so continuous strafing seems to be the better option in every case. So with this, you've added semi-broken stealth gameplay to your game and merely improved gunplay and the rest. Peeking is a great feature for this demo, despite the broken stealth which really serves no purpose at the moment, but it also feels slightly awkward to use in the manner of which you've made it. I'd welcome a cover system specifically for peeking near corners. Performance in general seems okay, but slows to a crawl whenever you view through the camera terminal. I'm also going to assume you want to add sound to your game which would also help immensely.

Failing at guessing the password when you access the air terminal will eventually display the rest of the text(and therefore your help) off-screen. The AI also sometimes doesn't seem to react at all whenever I gun down a friend of his right next to him and the ship still retains air. I actually was expecting you to implement certain mechanics related to how sound works in space, unfortunately not. As such, I'm able to shoot in front of someone/around/behind, and they will be no alarm raising nor will they even detect me. This game could be much more interesting if you're willing to add mechanics around that so if a window is smashed open, after decompression in that particular area, sound will not affect the AI. They might feel the vibrations if for example, they're leaning against a wall trying to get a peek at the player's location and then become alerted towards a general position. Being able to pick up the placed down portable camera again would also be a benefit to the player. 

QoL changes would be looping around item selection when using mouse wheel(wheel up from 7 goes back to 1 and vice-versa). Options menu to adjust keybinds, sound volume and graphical settings. Don't think I've encountered anything else, be it bugs or issues the game might have, so I wish you good luck with your game, AOTYdev.

Actually there's one last thing, I do indeed like how you're able to propel yourself in space by shooting your guns.