A downloadable game for Windows

Please leave some feedback or comments, it's greatly appreciated.

On this particular release, I'm interested to know about performance. Did you experience any micro-stutter or just plain lag?

I'm looking for an artist if anyone is interested to collaborate.

Score as many points as you can!

See further = Left ctrl + mouse

Up = W
Down = S
Left = A
Right = D

Aim = mouse
Fire = Left mouse button
Reload = R

Use the mouse wheel to switch between weapons.
Select pistol = 1
Select shotgun = 2
Select machinegun = 3
Select grenade launcher = 4

Respawn = H
Godmode = Q
Hide FPS = B

Install instructions

Please leave me some feedback!


Spaceship Crew Self-Defense Simulator DemoDay 12.zip 2 MB


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Hi, Ive played the game and its fun! 9/10 BtW whats that kind of lighting called, Ive been searching for those kinds of games for a while now!

gg dude keep it up!


Thank you. It doesn't have a name. Top-down line of sight?

IDK, I just like games that use that kind of lighting. IDK y